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The 2014 Legislative Session is underway. Please let me know what you think is important for our community.

LEFT: Representative Dave Jacoby met with Brad Hier, Deputy Director of the Department of Corrections and Jerry Bartoff, with the Department of Corrections at the Department of Corrections reception.

RIGHT: Representative Dave Jacoby of Coralville was pleased to have Anna Tyson of Iowa City, a “A Day at the Capitol Winner”, in the Iowa House of Representatives on the first day of the 2014 Legislative Session.

Veterans Day on the Hill

Thanking veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice is a continued priority of the Iowa Legislature.  This year, veterans and their families traveled to the State Capitol for Veterans Day on the Hill.  Throughout the day, veterans met with legislators to discuss the priorities of the Veterans Coalition. 

The Veterans Coalition is a group of representatives from various veterans’ organizations across Iowa.  They work collectively to develop and advance policy ideas to assist veterans and their families in Iowa.

The Veterans Coalition’s main goal is to help Iowa grow and prosper.  The Coalition is interested in legislative policies that succeed in recruiting veterans to live, work, and retire in Iowa.  This includes policies that will help Iowa compete with other states to recruit and retain veterans as Iowa residents. 

Throughout this year’s Legislative session, the Veterans Committees in the House and Senate will review the proposals that the Coalition brings forward.

The Veterans Day on the Hill was a success as Legislators met with many constituents and learned of new ways to honor our service members, veterans, and their families.

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